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Our Story

The Growth Stack was created in 2020 by Jane Scudder, a certified executive coach, as a way to make coaching more accessible and to support individuals at all professional stages and levels coach their teams.

After coaching hundreds of leaders across 6 continents and leading culture and marketing teams at Fortune 75 companies, Jane noticed two core problems: (1) A lack of access to meaningful and affordable leadership development at a reasonable price; (2) A lack of easy-to-use tools for leaders who want to coach and develop their teams.

She heard time and again from established to rising leaders alike how important growth and development was to them. Yet professionals from all industries, job functional areas, and experience levels seemed stuck. They wanted to better support their teams but their options seemed limited to either expensive and lengthy training programs or books and self-study concepts that were difficult to implement day-to-day.

On top of this, leaders increasingly wanted support real-time during important conversations.

While considering the problems, she started to observe patterns and themes across clients. In designing and delivering her executive coaching programs, Jane had begun to observe patterns and themes across clients. She noticed that she frequently asked similar questions, often in a predictable sequence. And after she helped a client move through a challenge they would often ask how they could help their teams do the same. Jane began to experiment with equipping her clients with questions to ask their teams, colleagues, and customers.

Soon The Growth Stack was born.

Jane dedicated hours refining her most commonly asked questions, putting hundreds of prompts to paper, grouping them into meaningful sequences, identifying themes, and categorizing them across various levels of depth and intimacy. She pulled in creative partners, including multiple past clients, to help her bring the product to life.

After testing with a small group of leaders, Jane launched a crowdfunding campaign in Q1 2021 via iFundWomen.

The Growth Stack on iFundWomen

The campaign reached its funding goal in <14 days and ultimately raised 135% of its goal.

Fully funded in less than 2 weeks

135% Funded

The Growth Stack has been used across countries and cultures, by team leaders, individual contributors, CEOs, and entry level employees. It’s designed to be industry, role, and level agnostic and works just as well for product managers as it does for lawyers, it’s as relevant for accountants as it is for creative directors, and has been used to start team meetings at major health systems and small mentor circles alike.

The Growth Stack is for anyone who has interest in growth and development. It changes the traditional format in which leaders are supported.


About Jane

Jane Scudder holds her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute, the oldest in person coach training school in the world. She has spent thousands of hours coaching and training hundreds leaders across 6 continents, and has led culture and marketing organizations and programs at Fortune 75 Companies.She holds her B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Virginia and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Jane has studied Vipassana meditation in India and the United States and incorporates mindfulness into her work as a way to guide leaders through ambiguity in business.

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Note: Not long after the launch of The Growth Stack, Giselle Field, the founder of Wander Design Co, the creative studio which developed the look and feel of the product, tragically passed in a rock climbing accident in Peru. Giselle was a former client of Jane's who turned into a design partner and friend. A portion of all proceeds of sales of The Growth Stack will be donated to a charity in Giselle's name.